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The main function and characteristics of brown corundum 46

[ 2017/6/19 ]

Brown corundum, also known as emery, is made of alumina, carbon materials, iron filings of three kinds of materials in the electric furnace by melting and restoration made of brown fused alumina. The main chemical composition of brown corundum is AL2O3, its content is 94.5%-97%, and a small amount of Fe, Si, Ti and so on. 46 brown corundum corundum abrasive corundum commonly known as water is also called emery, bauxite, coke (or anthracite), iron three kinds of materials in 2000 degrees above the furnace through the ablation restoration making Tan artificial corundum, so this name. Brown corundum by self destruction mill plastic, magnetic separation, sieve bonus variety of size, its dense texture, high hardness, the formation of spherical particles, suitable for making ceramic and resin high consolidation abrasive and grinding, polishing, sandblasting, precision casting and so on, also can be used for the production of high-grade refractory materials.


Brown corundum; primary characteristics; function:

(1) because of the high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, high strength and other properties, the use of cast steel slide gate, the exercise of rare metals, special alloy, ceramics, blast furnace lining (wallsandtubes); physicalandchemicalcontainers, spark plugresistancethermaloxidation resistant coating.

(2) because of high hardness, good abrasion resistance, high strength characteristics, in the chemical industry system, used for a variety of reaction vessels and pipelines, chemical pump parts; mechanical parts, all kinds of mold, such as wire drawing die, extrusion pencil core die; doingtool, moldabrasive, bullet proof material, human body joint sealing ring mold, etc..

(3) corundum insulation materials, such as corundum, lightweight bricks, corundum hollow spheres and fiber products, are widely used in the furnace walls and furnace top of various high-temperature furnaces, which are both high temperature resistant and thermal insulation. Brown corundum is featured by artificial corundum block, the roller, ball milling, Barmac processing equipment, particle size by F8-F325. is mainly used for polishing, grinding, grinding and other industry, also can be processed according to customer needs for water washing, acid treatment and other methods, to customer satisfaction is not the same as needed.


Low carbon corundum through the furnace and special technology and processing, decrease the residual carbon content in brown corundum, the commodity without powder, does not burst, patience in the use of large abrasive materials refractory preferred occupation, the occupation. Mainly used for high-grade ceramic abrasives, abrasive, abrasive, abrasive, organic coated abrasives, accordingtotheresidualcarbon contentis divided into: Calcined corundum C = 0.05%, C = 0.10%, low carbon corundum, brown corundum C is less than or equal to 0.15%. Brown corundum abrasive has the characteristics of high purity, good crystallization, high flowability, low coefficient of linear expansion and corrosion resistance. After dozens of refractory production company practice certification, the product in the process of non detonation, no powder, no cracking features. Especially it is much higher than the traditional brown corundum price, make it become the best corundum refractory aggregate and filler. Brown corundum is made of excellent abrasive grade alumina as material and with auxiliary material. It is made of high temperature above 2250 DEG C in electric arc furnace. The utility model has the advantages of good self sharpening and strong grinding force. Grain size range 4#-90#, Range, of, Grit, Sizes, chemical composition% (by weight, percentage), Chemical, Composition% (by, weight), Al2O3, 95.50-97.00, TiO2, 1.50-3.50


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